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How to establish your Web Requirements


How to make sure your website will be an asset and not a liability...


This is the first step of development that should be taken by YOU, not by your developer. Get pen and paper and start by defining the purpose of your website and establish what it must offer all your reader groups in order to serve that purpose.

Sounds quite simple; it often is. Only.... you may have never thought of what the purpose of your website should be! Or who your readers might be? Whom you want to reach and whom you wish to attract? Let alone what to communicate to them. Am I getting warm....?

Well, this is what the Guide to establishing your Web Requirements on this site can help you with.

Figuring out your web requirements requires thought and considerations and can potentially be quite an involved process. However, by doing this pre-production task (your homework) before you commission development, you can ensure that your site will be an asset that is not only easy to use, but one that also avoids potentially costly changes and speeds up development considerably. It is, therefore, always well worth doing!

Don't know where to start? / Not sure how to go about it or what to consider? Then read on....

Invest in a Consultation

What are "Web Requirements" anyway?

Web Requirements are simply the type of content that is required to be published on your website to assure that your site is able to serve its purpose.

Your website is a tool for a purpose, nothing more. As your print advertisement serves the purpose of making the public aware of you, or your entry in the telephone book serves the purpose of enabling people to contact you, or your truck serves the purpose to transport goods from A to B, so does your website serve a particular purpose too.

And by having this purpose, it necessarily will address a certain group of people: your Target Audience.

So what's wrong with simply addressing everybody, you ask? Hmm, would really everybody on the planet be interested in your product? Every single member of any given family? And do you really have the funds necessary to market to everybody on the planet, not to mention the means to be able to deliver...?

Read on if you wish to find out how to do your homework and save yourself a bundle by establishing your web requirements before picking up the phone to your web designer!

Guide to establishing your Web Requirements

(Should it get too complicated for you, you are welcome to
contact us for a Web Requirements Consultation.
Don't worry, it's not expensive and a penny well spent! )


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